Tips for making your three-year-old child happy on his birthday!

Making your three year old child happy on his birthday.

Yesterday was our second child’s birthday! The same day when we went to our doctor for a scheduled Cesarean delivery. Though a bit nervous because it’s been five years since my last delivery. What I did that moment is to pray and thank God for the wonderful baby that he entrusted to our care.

The same feeling five years ago! A mix emotion because you never know what will happen after a few hours while in that delivery room, contrary to others’ belief it’s not like you are just lying there and waiting for the baby to come out! Here’s to know about us: Why you should respect a cesarean mom!

During that time, I calmed myself and believed that everything will go well. At exactly 1:45 pm, this little boy came out in this world, making his first cry and first movements outside my womb. I can’t just explain how hubby, the eldest son, and I was so happy with the new member of our family!

Unnoticeably, day by day this little boy is growing too fast! Making countless changes as he reaches his growth and developmental milestones. We are so happy because he grows well, healthy and be able to reach every step accordingly.

Here are simple tips to make your three-year-old happy on his birthday:

  • Ask the celebrant of what food he would like on the day of his birthday! Our little one smiled and showed priceless happiness when we asked about his food choices. He showed that emotion because he believed that we like to know and consider his opinion.
  • Prepare ahead of time to avoid rushing on the day of your child’s birthday. Such as decorations (you can make it one day before his birthday) and list of recipes to make or buy during your child’s birthday.
  • Set a specific time to start the celebration, and be able to set the table ahead of time.
  • Be able to know and get ready for the gift he would like to receive on his birthday.
  • On the day of the celebration, don’t forget to pray (depends on what religion you are), be happy and make the moment alive by singing a birthday song before the celebrant will blow the cake’s candle!
  • Be able to take some pictures or videos for remembrance.

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Remember, that the joy of the celebration isn’t on the food, decorations, or gifts that are to be given to the celebrant. It’s about the presence, support, and love of the people around him or her.

So, that’s the quick tips for making your three-year-old child happy on his birthday! Thank you so much for reading, and if you don’t mind, I would like to know your thoughts about this post. Please share some tips that you know (related with the topic) in the comment section.

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