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A father’s endless love

If there is a mother’s endless love, there is also a father’s endless love. Because without the other you will not be around! Though there are a few differences when it comes to their roles as parents, one thing for sure is that they have the same love and affection for their children. A lovable father is someone willing to […]

Helpful tips for your road trips

Taking a road trip allows you to get closer to nature. Visit other communities and spend some time viewing their natural resources. Road trips are also a great way to relax our bodies, and at the same time to connect with other people. It’s a great activity for the entire family, or group of friends to create bonding moments together […]

Where to find essential learnings in life?

This post will tackle the different places or situations that can provide good learning. Aside from books, where can we learn? When we were young, we were taught to read the ABC, to count 123, to say good words, and to show a good attitude. We were trained by our parents and elders to do so because they know that […]

How to stop feeling insecure and build self-confidence?

Insecurities are feelings of inadequacy, or you feel like you aren’t good enough as a person, as a parent, as a friend, co-worker, or partner. You are uncertain of so many things about yourself, of what you can do and what you can offer to the world. There is a feeling of uneasiness triggered by self-perception of vulnerability and feeling […]

How to make a responsible decision?

Here are 8 steps that you can follow to make a responsible decision in life. Deciding for ourselves is a form of a cognitive process wherein it helps you realize the consequences of your action. There are numerous events and situations in our lives that we need to handle on our own, and one is decision-making. We have to realize […]

The meaning of detours in our lives

I took this inspiring photo during our sightseeing at Pico de loro and Kaybiang tunnel. These are places where people love dropping by during weekends and holidays to view the nature around the area. We should be going to a beach during that day, but sadly, we weren’t able to do so because the beach was already crowded at that […]

A quick realization about life!

After a brief visit to Luneta park, we’ve decided to go home because it’s already getting darker. As we pass by the road, we saw this beautiful view where some people dropped by and spent a few minutes of their time staring at it. A simple view of nature: Helps us to reduce stress, feeling of anger, fear, and other […]

The wonderful Luneta Park and lessons you can learn from Jose Rizal

The Rizal Park commonly known as Luneta Park is a remarkable historic urban park located in Ermita Manila, Philippines. According to Wikipedia, it is considered one of the largest urban parks in Asia, covering an area of 58 hectares. This park serves an important role in the history of the Philippines. The execution of Jose Rizal (The Philippine’s National Hero) happened here on December […]