Self-awareness for maturity

I came across this quote telling that:

People will notice the change in your attitude or behavior towards them, but won’t ever notice their behavior that made you changed!

Personality traits and self-awareness

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Sporadically, you can hear others say, oh! You’ve changed a lot! They will usually tell this in front of you if those changes they have seen are positive. But if it’s negative, or they feel like it’s not proportionate to their attitude, they will tell other people instead of you. Usually, they will comment that you’ve changed your attitude towards them. If you’ve changed for what you believed is right or appropriate, just do it. People will always give comments or suggestions anyway!

What can you do about it?

  • Be able to know if you’re making the right thing, showing the right attitude and behavior. Think about this, why does he/she said that words to you? Why he/she treated you that way?
  • Being aware of your attitude, and being mindful of the things you need to change.
  • Adjust your attitude for what is morally good.
  • Make an honest response to somebody’s negative attitudes. You might be saving that person from being immersed with false thoughts and wrong self- beliefs.
  • Learn to deal with it, and do appropriate actions.

It’s a common feeling to some people, who are tagged sometimes as naughty, bad, or indifferent because of the attitude that they show and how they treat others.

Personality and self-awareness:

Personality is how we differ in terms of character, patterns of thinking, behavior, and feeling or emotion from other people. So, even those identical twins would possess unique personality traits from each other.

Occasionally, we don’t easily recognize it, due to numerous activities that we do, countless people that we need to deal with, and challenges that we need to face in life daily. Maybe you can ask some of your family, friends, or relatives (those who are genuine and will tell you the truth). To be able to update you from the personality traits that you aren’t conscious at, or just to update yourself from the things which you can’t recognize on your own. Oftentimes, we experienced this, and usually, we are blinded, and we choose to ignore those attitudes. As we physically mature or grow older, our thoughts and actions should also reach its maturity. We can make it through self- awareness.

When we say self-awareness, it is our ability to recognize our thoughts and actions, whether it’s good, bad or within limits. Whether we need to retain or change.

Factors to self- awareness and personality traits:

Research suggests that genetics also plays a role in the changes in someone’s personality traits. There are also environment factors and situational factors such as aging, health conditions, work, people around you, temperament etc.

The reality is that we changed over time, and we cannot hide the fact that it’s a permanent thing in this world. Your physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social and behavioral characteristics will change, deepen or mature over time. We are not perfect human being, there are changes to improve us, correct us from any misconceptions, and revise or develop ourselves for what is good.

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  1. haoyando says:

    very true. Self reflection is not easy but it will be really helpful.

    1. MJMCM, RN says:

      Yes you’re right…
      Thank you so much 💞

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