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The Kaybiang Tunnel in the Philippines

The Kaybiang Tunnel visit.

A tunnel is an artificial underground passage that was built through a hill, mountain, building, road, or river. It is usually used as a way to pass through.

The 300-meter-long Kaybiang Tunnel was opened in the year 2013, and it was said to be the longest road tunnel in the Philippines as of this time. It connects the places of Ternate Cavite and Nasugbu Batangas. Through the mountain of Pico de Loro, also known as the Mount Palay Palay. This place was very popular with motorists, cyclists, and riders from the nearby cities or towns. It’s a great weekend getaway if you enjoy visiting different places and to see the beauty of nature.

What to do in the Kaybiang tunnel?

  • Experience the beautiful view around the tunnel.
  • Pass through the tunnel.
  • Take photos as a remembrance.
  • Enjoy the fresh air of nature.

What to remember when in the tunnel?

If you happen to visit this place, please be reminded to respect and show some love. Avoid littering and making unnecessary noises. People going here are blowing their horns for historical or superstitious beliefs. It’s fine, and we all respect that because we have our own beliefs, but making it too much or making noises already isn’t good also as some people aren’t too comfortable with it.

During our visit, there was a checkpoint in the area. Police officers were there to keep and maintain the peace and order of the place.

Friendly note:

Traveling improves your knowledge because it helps you to explore the realities of life and be able to experience it.

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