The wonderful Luneta Park and lessons you can definitely learn from Jose Rizal

Rizal Park or Luneta Park

The Rizal Park or commonly known as Luneta Park is a remarkable historic urban park located in Ermita Manila, Philippines.

According to Wikipedia, it is considered one of the largest urban parks in Asia, covering an area of 58 hectares.

This park serves an important role in the history of the Philippines. The execution of Jose Rizal (The Philippine’s National Hero) happened here on December 30, 1896. They named the park after him in honor of his patriotic act. His monument became the park’s symbolic icon.

Rizal park is a favorite place for countless tourists, and people who lived nearby. They spend their free time doing leisure activities every weekends or holidays here.

Philippines National Hero
Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado Y Alonso Realonda
Was born June 19, 1861 in Calamba, Philippines and died December 30, 1896.

He fought for the Philippines’ freedom through his writings. A silent but a mighty way! He expressed his love and care for the Filipinos and for the country through his essays, novels, and articles. Many Filipinos feel motivated and inspired by his will to achieve the freedom that each Filipino deserved.

The lessons you can definitely learn from Jose Rizal:

  • Have the focus to achieve your dreams in life.
  • Time is very essential that we have to give it all, and do what we can do at the moment.
  • Use your time wisely.
  • Learn about selflessness and sacrifice.
  • Love your fellows and your country.
  • Have the courage and will to do something that can give good benefits for all.
  • Truth must always prevail.
  • Freedom can be achieved through peaceful means.

What to do in Luneta park?

  • Sightseeing and learning about history.
  • Photo taking, take a picture with Jose Rizal’s Monument.
  • Brisk walking and jogging around the area.
  • Picnic activities! Enjoy foods with your loved ones while telling stories and while enjoying the spacious area.

Take note: Avoid littering around the park.

Photos taken from the other side:

This artwork symbolizes a new and reformed Filipino who abides by his country’s constitution, laws and aspirations…(from the text below).

Have the courage to do what is right.
Beauty is everywhere!
Where will you go? Choose a better direction that won’t bring you harm!

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