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You are enough just as who you are!

You are enough just as who you are!

You are enough, doesn’t mean that you are already perfect, whole, complete, grown, or developed. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need others already. But it means that you don’t need to be perfect, complete, grown, or developed to be accepted, appreciated, loved, or to be able to fit in.

Explanation of the beautiful quote, you are enough.
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You don’t need to strive so hard just to become the person that other people expect or want you to be. Because it’s not you! And if you are living by their expectations, you will always desire for the unknown, and you will feel that you aren’t enough.

Living in the standards set by manipulative and inconsiderate people is exhausting, heartbreaking, emotionally and mentally damaging. Mold yourself to be the person that you wanted. Reach your star in your little ways!

Being good for yourself and being able to accept who you are can bring so much freedom that you needed to become worthy. You don’t need to be everything because you already have it. Being contended is hard, especially when you see others that are already fulfilled. But this is what everyone needs to be whole and complete.

We have to realize that we all have imperfections, and admitting it is necessary to live purposefully.

Appreciate your life and own it, your life shouldn’t be an endless marathon, trying hard to prove everything to people who don’t appreciate who you are. Letting go of others’ opinions and expectations are good ways to make yourself better. If you do these, everything will happen the way it should be.

The person you need to believe!

The person you need to admire…
The person you ever dreamed to be…
The person who will help you achieve the most impossible…
The person who will give you strength and courage to stand…
The person who will be there to motivate you…
That person is YOU…

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