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What is the importance of expressing and accepting an opinion?

What is the importance of expressing and accepting an opinion?

An opinion is a personal view or judgment about a certain thing. It is based on the person’s perception and the way he/she understands or perceived something. Certainly, opinions may be accepted or rejected, but what’s important is you were able to voice them.

On the other hand, it is scary to say something and give an opinion because of the negative possibilities.

Importance of expressing and accepting opinions.
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And sometimes thinking about these possibilities, just like rejection and being misunderstood by everyone, limits our ability to express our thoughts. Moreover, leaving us empty because we didn’t be able to take the chance to convey ourselves.

However, remember as well that voicing your opinion should be at the right time and also use the right words. Wrong words and at the wrong time can make your opinion looks useless. So, you also have to determine it.

Giving your opinion about something makes you fulfilled, and it boosts your self-esteem. Expressing your thoughts and words is your way of living in a free environment. You own it and it’s your right. So, why scared if you can say something?

Above all, if you are the recipient of the opinion, remember to:

Be considerate also, just listen and calm yourself not to give words that can hurt the person. Opinions are just their opinions anyway! If you like it, then say you do and agree with them. But if not, just say it too! Tell the reason you don’t agree, and give your idea peacefully. Accept opinions even when they are different from you or even if you don’t agree with them that much. Accept opinions, even though you think you are more capable. Furthermore, accept opinions so that others will also accept yours.

Some people might spend a few minutes or hours formulating it into their minds. And when you oppose, disagree, or even said something that is not good, you might hurt them, leaving an idea that they shouldn’t even raise their opinions. It might scare them the next time, and give them the reason to belittle their capability.

In conclusion, what are the importance of expressing and accepting an opinion is that it both helps us to grow and mature. It helps us boost our self-confidence, and it increases our wisdom.

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