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The courage to change and to do better in time

The courage to change and to do better in time

Change is already a part of life that we cannot avoid. It makes our life more meaningful because we’ve got to grow and develop in every aspect of our lives as time goes by.

We need to have the courage in every changes that takes place in our lives.
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When I was in grade school, I and my classmates enjoys break time because we can play after eating our snacks. But when the bell rings, we thought it is a hindrance and feels like the time given to us isn’t enough. The teacher would always remind us to enter the classroom five minutes before the time. As a child, we are longing for more time to play because it makes our childhood enjoyable. The teacher would always tell us that we need to finish the scheduled lesson for us to learn more and move on to the next lesson. As she would always say, there is a time for everything.

As I grow older, I realized that the school lessons and real-life just became more challenging. But the good thing is that life becomes more valuable and meaningful. Every change that happened leaves a memorable experience and a lesson that we need to build ourselves.

Every change that we encounter in life is a way to complete our journey.

And to move forward, we have to take the necessary courage! There are pains, challenges, and problems that we may encounter, but these are the things that each one of us should go through to become better person.

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