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Importance of shared values in a relationship

Values can define who you are, and a couple needs to share each other’s values in life to avoid resentment and disappointment later on. Values in life can motivate people to act according to what they believe. It may be about healthy living, communication, relationship, parenting, personality, religion, and lifestyle. Values guide human behavior, such as in identifying the importance […]

Ways on how to maintain our energy levels

As humans, we need energy for our bodies to function well. For us to have energy, we need to eat and do activities that can help to energize our bodies. Below are some ways to stay energized: Eat your meal, the carbohydrates that we eat break down into simple sugars. It turns into blood sugar or glucose which is used […]

The health benefits of walking

Brisk walking daily is a simple way to get into a healthy lifestyle. But, though the ideal time is to walk in the morning to gain as well the benefits of the morning sunshine, you can also do it in the afternoon when the surrounding is already calm and peaceful. Below are the benefits that walking can contribute to our […]

How to feel happier when you are sad?

Sadness is an emotional state wherein there is a feeling of unhappiness, less energy and downtime. It’s a normal human emotion that we feel whenever we are upset, we feel pain or disappointed about something. Sadness is an emotion that each of us will experience from time to time as a part of being alive. But the way we handle […]

Self-care ideas that are helpful for women!

We can’t avoid being irritated or stressed sometimes due to countless things that need our attention each day. As a woman, we can’t avoid having mood swings, especially when there are bodily discomforts that we are experiencing. Having mood swings aren’t a joke, we also don’t like it as it affects our daily relationship with other people in the household. […]

Enjoy the little things while it lasts

Every so often, our temperament is so short that we often react immediately to situations and hard times that we experience from time to time. Because of this, we feel sad, pressured, worried, and rushing to get rid of the challenges that we are facing. But we forget that all of those have something to impart in our lives. Challenges […]

Home remedies for sore throat

A sore throat is a painful, itchy, and irritated throat. This could produce an uneasy feeling because it brings difficulty in swallowing our food and drinking our fluids. This could also make us uncomfortable at night as it ruins a good night of sleep. But don’t worry, as you can do remedies to ease and treat this while at home! […]