The health benefits of walking

Benefits that walking can give to our body.

Brisk walking daily is a simple way to get into a healthy lifestyle. But, though the ideal time is to walk in the morning to gain as well the benefits of the morning sunshine, you can also do it in the afternoon when the surrounding is already calm and peaceful.

Below are the benefits that walking can contribute to our health:

  • Walking can help to burn calories, and as a result, it helps you to maintain desirable weight, and lose those excess fats. Little by little, making your body fit and achieve a good shape.
  • Prevents the risk of hypertension or high blood pressure, stroke, heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and bone problems.
  • Improves heart health, lung function, and blood circulation.
  • Strengthens your muscles, joints, and bones.
  • It uplifts your mood, going outside means that you can see different scenarios, you can interact with different people, and you’ve got to enjoy the beautiful nature.
  • It improves your sleep at night. A good night’s sleep is very essential for our well-being, to recharge and be energized for tomorrow’s new adventure.
  • Walking is beneficial in boosting your energy and immunity.
  • Helps to combat anxiety and depression.
  • It could also improve your cognitive functioning and memory as you age. Going outside for a walk could stimulate your learning potential.

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6 thoughts on “The health benefits of walking

  1. CG

    Inspired. I am leaving my keyboard this moment – dressing then out for a bracing walk. Thanks!

    1. MJMCM, RN

      Wow that’s awesome Ms CG…
      Go ahead! Walking is very beneficial to our health and wellness 💞
      Have a nice day!☺️

  2. toniandrukaitis

    I walk just about every day. It’s not all for health reasons. I find it’s a good quiet meditative time.

    1. MJMCM, RN

      Yes, it does as well…
      And it’s a good way to spend our spare time while helping ourselves get into wellness.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts regarding this post, I really appreciate it.

      Have a nice day 💞

  3. aminarehman

    Thanks for sharing this information

    1. MJMCM, RN

      You’re welcome 😊

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