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Why rejections aren’t bad and what can you do if you are experiencing it?

Why rejections aren’t bad and what can you do if you are experiencing it?

Rejections are part of life that we have to accept. Rejections are real but it isn’t that bad, this is essential for our well-being if only we take it positively.

Things to do when you are experiencing rejections.

Rejection is the act of not accepting or considering something. And it’s not a comfortable feeling especially if you aren’t expecting it. It may happen in life a few times a year depending on how you handle every situation.

Examples of rejections are as follows: you are being ignored by the person that you wanted, turned down by someone, disappointed over not being chosen, not considering your ideas or opinions, refusal to support your goals, or you aren’t promoted over other colleagues. There are lots of rejections and it comes from small to big form.

Below are the effects of rejections in our life:

  • This could increase your emotional feelings such as anxiety, sadness, anger, jealousy, and depression.
  • It decreases your daily performance, you feel less energized than usual.
  • It can also affect your self-esteem, the way you interact with others, and the way you handle your day.

What can you do about rejection is that you should make it a positive experience rather than thinking of negative thoughts and feelings.

If for example, you are the person who’s gonna be rejecting someone, make sure that you do it positively. This will lessen the gravity of how the rejected person will handle the situation.

  • Preparedness- you have to prepare yourself, think of how you will deliver your words.
  • Be honest about your reason, and tell why you are rejecting.
  • Avoid false hope as it will only make another emotional problem to the person.

How to deal with rejections?

  • Understand why it hurts, allow yourself to feel it.
  • Look at the brighter side of life.
  • Take a look at yourself, watch out for your thoughts and emotions.
  • Do self-affirmations and self-care activities.
  • Surround yourself with loved ones who can bring comfort and guidance.
  • Strive to do better, and just try until you make it.
  • Think of your goal, remember that rejections are part of achieving success.

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