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Love is a life’s choice that you need to cherish each day

Love is a life’s choice that you need to cherish each day

A choice is simply an act of making a decision, and choosing the one you will love will have a great impact on the family life that you want to create or build.

Love is a choice in life.
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Hubby and I were already at our 9th wedding anniversary last February, of this year 2022. And to that years, I can say that I am so fulfilled in my married life because I chose this person. Having good values, and just being himself make me love him even more, each day.

For that nine years, honestly, there are times that we have also disagreements, but we chose to work on it. Sometimes I feel moody, and there are times that I also see him as such. It only shows that we are still two unique individuals having attitudes to consider and feel in life. Accepting that challenges are a part of it, and facing them together is very essential in married life for it to succeed. At the end of the day, it’s choosing to love that person and reminding yourself why you love him/her at the very start will help conquer every trial.

Nine years of marriage have thought me that:

  • Not all the time you are correct, so always ask your partner’s opinion. Marriage is a bond between you and him, or you and her. A decision that has a connection with your life as a couple should be decided as one.
  • Intimacy isn’t just all about something beyond what you both wanted when you are together. But, it’s the closeness beyond it, being a friend and being someone he/she can lean on when hard time comes, and someone he/she can laugh and celebrate whenever victory is achieved.
  • Never disrespect your partner, you may disagree at some points in your life, but always make sure that respect is always there. You can talk all things out calmly and rightfully.
  • Embrace everything about your partner and always choose to love him/her every day, no matter what.

Generally, if you want to have a happy marriage, you have to:

  • Choose to love your husband/wife every day.
  • Share your values with each other.
  • Love every stage of life you were together, love his/her personality, behavior, and growth as an individual.
  • Keep in mind that love isn’t just a feeling that you found along your journey, it takes an action to fulfill its meaning.
  • Don’t try to change your partner the way you want him/her to be, because he/she has a unique personality to deal with. But you can always help to make each other better.
  • The key in surviving difficult times is to always be respectful, and work on it together.
  • Choose to see the good side of your husband/wife and try to look for what you can do for him/her.

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