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Why you should collect moments, not things?

Why you should collect moments, not things?

Things are crucial for human survival, but only the most important ones. Focusing on collecting things that are already in excess could interfere with our focus to see what is important in life.

You should collect moments not things.
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You have a lot of things, for now, got collected numerous products or items which satisfy yourself. You flexed it in your social media accounts and got a lot of hearts and likes. You enjoyed the praises and prioritized it for quite some time because it reminds you of your ability to buy that product and the power to do whatever you want from your money. You thought that you deserve it because you work for it. You loved your work so much because it’s the reason why you can get everything!

But, until you notice that time is passing too fast, you forget what is important, you forgot to value a genuine conversation, to get along and talk to your loved ones without being in a hurry, to smile or laugh like there’s no tomorrow! You forget to appreciate nature and your environment. You became self-centered, selfish, and craving for more. And it distances you from the essential things which could make you happier, richer, and contented in life.

Time runs too fast, and it’s something that we cannot take back! Our youthfulness and strength will soon diminish. Those gray hairs, weakened muscles and bones, and wrinkled face will soon ask you, did I enjoy my journey? You only have rare, up to no valuable memories to take back from the people you love.

Happiness doesn’t merely come from the physical things, it comes from the memories and experiences we make.

Our mind collects moments, stores them and it makes us revisit them from time to time. We can look back to these memories and cherish the happiness from them that a material thing won’t give us. So learn to appreciate every moment, and make more memories with your loved ones.

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