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Physical well-being: What to check and how to say that you are physically well?

Physical well-being: What to check and how to say that you are physically well?

Physical well-being is our ability to have a healthy and quality way of life that helps us to perform our daily endeavors without stressing so much physically.

Emotional well-being.
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Being physically fit is very important for us to have a healthy lifestyle, manage stress, and fight diseases that could make us vulnerable.

What to check with your physical well-being?

  • Check whether you have good nutrition and hydration. Are you eating the right kind of food? Are you drinking enough water daily? These are essential in providing the macronutrients and micronutrients that are needed by our body and its internal organs to work and perform at their best. Good nutrition doesn’t mean you eat the most delicious foods every day, but it means choosing to eat the most nutritious foods every meal. And take note that it should be a balanced diet. If you have bad nutrition habits and you aren’t consuming the recommended glasses of water intake daily, it could weaken your immune system causing the occurrence of different illnesses. Take note also that water is the best liquid that we can drink daily.
  • Check whether you have regular exercise or physical activities daily. Are you living a healthy lifestyle? Or are you living a sedentary lifestyle? Exercise and physical activities daily are essential in keeping your bones and muscles healthy and strong. Living a sedentary lifestyle will cause you to become overweight, get tired or sleepy easily and that will weaken your immunity. Inactivity contributes to having undesirable diseases that will ruin your health and wellness.
  • Check your hygiene. Do you perform hygiene activities daily? Performing your hygiene activities will help you to feel fresh, energized, and of course clean. It eliminates microorganisms that are trapped in your body. Taking a bath, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, using clean clothing, trimming your nails, etc are necessary to help ourselves out of the possibilities of being sick.
  • Check whether you have enough rest and sleep daily. Having enough rest and sleep is important because it gives your body time to recharge. It is needed to promote a physical state that you will need again for the next day.

How can you say that you are physically well?

  • You are physically well if you maintain a healthy weight, live an active lifestyle, have proper and adequate nutrition, and can make your daily tasks in life. Our physical well-being is important in maintaining and balancing the other areas of our lives.

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