Mental or intellectual well-being: What to check and how to say that you are mentally healthy?

Mental well-being is our ability to think, make appropriate decisions, and do the things which we know could help us with our daily life. Being mentally healthy can help us with our life choices and the way we look at them.

Mental well-being
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What to check and how to say that you are mentally well?

  • Check whether you are still making ways to improve your knowledge. Learning is a crucial part of a worthy life. Without it, we feel stuck. We feel incapable and incompetent. And it ruins our self-esteem.
  • Check whether you are doing something that can contribute to your wellness. Choosing your food, avoiding things that can make your body suffer, and doing physical activities are important in achieving overall health.
  • Check if you are still managing yourself. It means that you have the autonomy to do the things which can develop you into the person you want to be. You shouldn’t be dependent on anybody else because you have your own identity, character, and personality.
  • Check whether you can still maintain a stable and good relationship. A good relationship is an important part of life because it helps us to feel loved and appreciated, but it takes action to show that we loved a person. Though it’s a feeling, we have to realize that thinking about what is good or can improve our relationship with other people is something that we should keep in mind.
  • Check whether you can still manage every change that occurs in your life. Our coping mechanism is important to avoid mood disorders that can destroy our peace of mind.
  • Check whether you are still productive. This is in a way that you are not considered as a burden in your community. You can help the community by starting with the things that can make you productive at home.

How can you say that you are mentally well?

  • You are mentally well if you can manage your daily life activities by being mindful of every decision that you make. You can think clearly, decide confidently and you know what is right from wrong.

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