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Important roles of women in the family, community, and society

Important roles of women in the family, community, and society

Every year, we celebrate women’s month, and it is being celebrated every March. This is an important event for every woman like me because it raises or uplifts our worth in this world.

The roles and importance of every women.
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This celebration highlights women’s achievements and contributions to the family, community, and society. It empowers women and recognizes them as essential contributors to the world that we live in.

What are the important roles of women in the family?

There are a lot of roles that women can do, and must be appreciated by everybody. Some of them are as follows:

In the family, a woman has a lot of roles to perform. And it makes her unique and an irreplaceable human being in every setting.

  • She is a wife, a partner of a man to fulfill the duties and responsibilities in building a wonderful family.
  • She is a risk-taker, who is not afraid for her life just to bring a child into this world. When she delivers a baby, she would feel the happiness and wouldn’t mind about the pain and danger that what if something happens to her while delivering the baby?
  • She is the health officer of the family, she maintains the health and wellness of each member. The one who prepares healthy food. Encourages everyone to perform their hygiene and the person who will always be there when someone in the family gets sick or is feeling down.
  • She is a motivator, she knows when someone at home needs encouragement, and it’s a bad thing for her to see anyone who is not in his/her usual self. Uplifting the moods of every member of the family is very important to her.
  • She is an educator, the first teacher of a child, from teaching ABCs and numbers, guiding her child reach his/her developmental milestones, until helping the child focus on what is important in life, and giving life advice are some of the things that a mother is willing to share.
  • She can do multi-tasking, from cooking and serving simple and nutritious food for the family, to washing the dishes and clothes, taking care of the children, fixing the toys, and maintaining harmony at home are just a few things that she can do every day.
  • She is a good decision-maker, a leader, and an organizer, she decides what to cook, what to buy for the household, what to decorate for the house, organizes simple celebrations at home, and plans and implements outing activities for the family.

The roles of women in the community and society:

  • They serve as a role model of contentment, simplicity, beauty, patience, and love.
  • The roles of women in society are very important concerning health and wellness. Some sociologists claim that women make numerous decisions that determine the participation of the whole household in the community. This includes education, healthcare, and socio-cultural decisions.
  • Women can use the knowledge that they gained from the household decisions to take part in the future of the society and any activities that need their ability such as in planning outreach programs, forming associations, and support groups for the people of the community where she belongs.

Women deserve respect and love. You never know sometimes they feel tired too and need some care like what they always do or offer to other people. Bring them hope, care, and motivation to continue and design the life that they would ever want.

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