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Spiritual well-being: What to check and how to say that you’re spiritually healthy?

Spiritual well-being: What to check and how to say that you’re spiritually healthy?

Spiritual well-being is our ability to achieve a meaningful and purposeful life. It’s all about our relationship with our inner self and the wider world.

Spiritual well-being or spiritual health.
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Activities that can help us with achieving spiritual health:

  • Practicing self-care
  • Showing gratitude
  • Having a positive outlook on life
  • Being optimistic
  • Volunteering/helping the community or society genuinely.
  • Connecting to other people, and your faith community
  • Doing yoga and meditation
  • Journaling
  • Spending time with nature
  • Doing hobbies that can bring you priceless joy
  • Traveling and connecting with nature
  • Proper lifestyle

What to check with your spiritual well-being?

  • Check whether you are in a balanced state of life. Meaning you can manage to handle your positive and negative emotions.
  • Check how you face or solve every challenge that you are going through.
  • Check whether you are living the life you want for yourself.
  • Check your values, beliefs, morals, and personality.

How to say that you’re spiritually healthy?

  • You are spiritually healthy if you know your purpose in life.
  • You have a clear direction to where you should go.
  • You can accept and respect others’ opinions, even if it’s not the same as yours.
  • You choose to be positive even though you’re facing challenges in life.
  • You can face your fears
  • You understand the mysteries of life and how you should act on it.
  • You can appreciate simple and tiny details that you can’t even appreciate before. For example, the smile of a happy child, the happiness in an old person’s eye, the rays of the sun, the pouring rain, the calming moon, and the sparkling stars.

Spiritual well-being helps you to become a better person.

  • It helps you to become compassionate
  • It makes you more loving and forgiving
  • It helps you to find joy and fulfillment even in the simplest thing around.
  • Relieves you from material dependency that would only ruin true happiness.
  • Helps you to understand why you are here on Earth.
  • Helps you to cope with changes or uncertainties in life.
  • Strengthens your self-control and self-discipline.

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