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Reasons why you should use a planner

Reasons why you should use a planner

Important reasons of using a planner.

Have you experienced forgetting to accomplish an important task daily like going to the grocery to buy household essentials? Paying the monthly bills that already reached the due date? Going to an event such as birthdays or anniversaries of important people in your life? Or doing an activity that has a deadline? These are stressful because you weren’t able to perform the things that you should do. That’s why planning your day or week is very essential to avoid all of these to happen.

Having a paper planner helps you to focus on your tasks. It is the traditional way of planning your day wherein you will write the important things that you have to do on a given day and check the things that you were able to perform. You can have a planner using your phone but using a paper planner is more beneficial to your well-being. If you are using your phone, it might distract you from completing the tasks. You will forget what to write because of sudden notifications that you have to browse and then later you found yourself having an hour already of scrolling into your phone which delays you in doing your activity.

Planning your day or week is important so that you can divide your time and make use of it wisely. It helps you to do everything that you should do on a specific day of the week. Be sure to write first all the important activities that you have to finish and then next would be the least important things.

Here are the important reasons why you should have a paper planner:

A planner shows a lot of benefits in performing your daily tasks efficiently:

  • It helps you to track the activities that you have to finish within the day. Tracking your activities will help you take note of the things that you still have to do. If you are quite forgetful, for sure this activity will save you.
  • Helps you to avoid running out of time because you know what to prioritize first. Using a paper planner will help you to finish tasks faster because your brain will tell you that there are still other things on the list that needs your attention.
  • It provides an effective schedule that you have to follow. You will find yourself loving the results if you habitually doing it already.
  • Helps you to improve your time management.
  • It enhances your creativity and productivity because you know what to focus on and to perform.
  • Increases your accountability to the planned activities that you wrote.
  • Gives a sense of purpose and accomplishment when you were able to do the things that are listed in your planner.
  • You can complete tasks faster than before, so you’ll have more time to bond with your loved ones.

A planner is significantly helpful in boosting your health:

  • A planner has a good impact on your wellness. For example, you included in your plan going outside for a walk daily, if you were able to do it, it would gonna help a lot in your physical health.
  • Gives peace of mind when you know that you have all the needed information that was written somewhere. Starting a planner helps you to stop spending so much time in front of screens, like browsing your phone.
  • Helps your brain time to rest because you aren’t preoccupied with unmanaged activities.
  • It helps your mental health because it diminishes stress and mood problems related to irritability due to tasks that you weren’t able to accomplish.
  • From writing to reading and checking all the things that you finished motivates you to move on to another day without worries.
  • Accomplishing tasks uplifts your mood, and increases your self-confidence.
  • It serves as a mental therapy that could take you away from the online world.

Reading on a printed paper makes you feel good. It offers a greater sensory experience than using something digital. It is good for your mind, body, and spirit because it can reduce anxiety. It redefines how you reach small goals or tasks each day. If you want to improve yourself and reduce your screen time, then definitely paper planners will greatly help you. It is best for organizing tasks and you are making a favor in your health and wellness in the long run.

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