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How to live peacefully as a parent?

How to live peacefully as a parent?

Living peacefully as a parent seems impossible, you might frown at me, you might raise your eyebrows! You might say living peacefully as a parent is hard and it’s a big no to have the peaceful moments that you are longing for yourself!

Living peacefully as a parent.
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But why is it hard? Is it because of the noisy kids, the cluttered toys? The demanding environment? The expectations that you don’t meet? The stress that you feel? The tasks you didn’t accomplish? The feelings you are avoiding to express? The opinions of other people? The standard of the society?

Or it’s because of not purely accepting your role as a parent?

Being a parent is overwhelming when you try to compete with other parents, when you are trying to prove something, when you want to be the best parent, and when you’re basing your parenting on what other people suggest you to do. Remember that you don’t have to prove anything to other people, because this will cause bad emotions and negativities that would ruin your happiness. This will cause you to always limit your actions to what other people expect you to do. And it’s very uncomfortable if you follow that thinking! It will not only destroy your mental and emotional well-being but also your relationship with your family.

What makes you comfortable will make you feel better!

That’s why you should own your parenting style that best fits your personality, values, and goals as a parent. We aren’t into raising and we shouldn’t raise to anybody else. Those who love to compete or to show up will end up unfulfilled with their roles as a parent. Because they keep on comparing themselves and looking after what people want to see in them.

Parenting is a happy journey, and shouldn’t be something you need to hurry up because you want to do something…

Living peacefully as a parent is something we can find when we are laughing with our children. When we play with them wholeheartedly. When we accept the responsibility. When we set aside our personal goals to see them happily reaching theirs.

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