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Queens strawberry farm in Alfonso, Cavite

An adventure that is being spent with your loved ones is worth the time! Do you know that there is a place in Alfonso Cavite where you can spend valuable time with your family or friends with a touch of nature? This place is the Queens strawberry farm! It’s an Agritourism haven business that is situated near Tagaytay city! It’s […]

How learning can improve your overall well-being?

Learning is important in life because it is essential to the development of an individual, community, society, organizations, and businesses. Learning is an important thing to humanity and it is as important as the food that we are giving or taking in into our bodies. Learning is how we gain knowledge, and understanding, building new skills, and values in life. […]

Reasons to study for a Master’s degree

Some of you might ask do I need a master’s degree. Why is he/she pursuing a master’s degree? Or why do some people need to get a master’s degree? What are the reasons for getting it? A master’s degree is a graduate program that you can study after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. Schools offering a master’s degree also have […]

Tips to overcome self-doubt

Self-doubt is a normal feeling that we are going through especially when we are facing a new chapter of our lives, new scenarios, experiences, or situations. Self-doubt is characterized by being unsure of what to do or being unsure of the choices that we need to decide. This is an uncomfortable feeling but is manageable with a proper attitude and […]