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Guide for parents who have school children

Guide for parents who have school children

Studying in a school environment has good benefits for our children. Interacting with other children of their age, learning how to follow rules and regulations, figuring out how to socialize with other people, and adjusting to different situations are just a few of the things that our children would learn outside our home premises. And that’s the reason why a lot of us parents would prefer a school set-up learning.

School children
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But, to be able to fully help our children unleash their full potential we have to assist them in going to school and guide them in all their school activities. While this may sometimes make us overwhelmed due to other life activities that we have to do, just remember that we are making it for the future of our child or children.

The guidance and support that we were able to show and give to them daily mean so much to them. This could help them to be more confident in going to school because they have the ample support they needed.

Things to let them know:

  • Reminding them of the importance of going to school, meeting their classmates and teachers, and of course studying in a school environment.
  • Tell them the relevance of social connection to their well-being. Socializing with other people, most importantly to children of their age can help them to show what they are capable of, and it helps them to relate to different individual’s attitudes.
  • Inform them about the rules and regulations of their school. Before the school classes, institutions come up with the orientation phase. So, here they enumerate all the rules and regulations that their school is implementing.

Things to prepare for them:

  • The night before the school day, you should prepare their clothing or uniform, socks, shoes, hygiene essentials, and their school bag with books, notebooks, and other things needed for that day.
  • If you are the one who prepared their things in their bag, be sure to let them know where the specific things are located.
  • Inform them of their class schedule and important activities that they will be going to do or perform for that day.
  • Remind them to participate in their class discussion, respect everybody in their school and enjoy studying!

During the day:

  • Prepare a healthy breakfast for your child and let them eat before going to school. Eating breakfast can help to kickstart their day by providing the essential nutrients they needed to have a strong body and an alert mind.
  • Prepare healthy snacks that they can eat during their break time in school, and choose nutritious foods to energize and nourish their body.
  • Don’t forget their water. Drinking water will keep them hydrated throughout the day.

After their class:

  • Greet them with a happy face, and ask what happened in their class. Assessing their mood will help us figure out what the child had experienced in school.
  • Ask about how the child gets along with classmates, and how he performed in their class activities.
  • Check whether the child ate the snacks you prepared.
  • Check any assignments that they have for tomorrow’s class, and remind the child to make them ahead of time.

Allow your child to make their assignments so that they could build their confidence in solving different circumstances. We are only allowed to guide and assist them. And it won’t give any merits if we are the ones doing it for them.

Going to school must be a fulfilling activity that our children must experience and they can do it by providing them with their essential needs, ample support, and giving time to improve their skills.

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