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A child’s view of life: A must view of life

A child’s view of life: A must view of life

Weekends are children’s favorite because it means leisure time with the family!

Going outside to eat, do some sightseeing. Eat meals, and of course, what they love above all is playing different types of games and having fun! It’s their way of life, to enjoy each moment with greatness in their hearts!

View of life

Some of us think that kids are the only appropriate people to do these things.

Because they are young and because we have already gone through these days. We sometimes think that it isn’t for us anymore because doing it will gonna make us look childish. And we hold on to being mature in how we view life. We often don’t realize that we can still enjoy these moments. And feel like a child as if every day is a fun day! And live like a child who doesn’t worry too much about life’s situations and challenges.

We often see them fearless to do something because they want to try what it feels like. We see them enjoy good food and stumble with joy whenever we bought something that they like so much. Their view of life is very simple but overflowing with priceless appreciation. We see their genuine laughs as if they don’t bother anything. They easily forget situations that once made them upset, move on and continue enjoying the moment. And they choose to live life as if they have unlimited time.

What if we imitate the way they view life?

As adults, we feel like we should make even faster in life. This is because of the fear that we are being left behind. Time runs so fast that we feel like we are being unproductive. Well, who would even love the life that isn’t moving? Who would even love a life that feels no growth. And who would even love a life where you felt like you are moving like a turtle on a lonely seaside?

Honestly, we want to improve ourselves, we want to be appreciated, we want to feel important, and we want to be useful.

And adult stage makes us feel like we should fear if we aren’t doing any progress because time is important to us now, and time cannot go back once gone. How many years would still be there? How many chances can we still get? And how many fun moments could we still share with our loved ones?

Rushing can push us towards our goals, but it could also mean that rushing can only alter what we should have to do. Things could be better if it is done with preparation. Don’t rush too much because time isn’t your enemy, make time as your friend who can prepare you to do the things that will equip you towards something that will serve your purpose. View life like a child who doesn’t afraid to fail and try again. View life like a child who would smile after an upsetting scenario. And view life like a child who dreams even the most impossible!

There are times that life is like a carousel, it can move you up and down, steady, slow and fast. But whatever life could bring, you should remind yourself not to be bothered by the challenges that you meet along the way. There are tough moments but remember that it always ends.

Sometimes, life is like a ball and if you aren’t willing to move it, it will just stay where it was. We are here on Earth to live each day, and we shouldn’t just let the day pass without living it because of our grudges, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness.

Our success is not measured by the material things that we bought. It’s not the awards that we achieved. It’s not the title that attaches to our name. But, it’s the happiness that glows within us. It’s the values that we have and the kindness we were able to impart to other people.

Viewing life like a child is not a childish thing to do. It’s something that will make us live the way we should.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any comments or something to share regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section. If you found this post helpful, please don’t forget to share it with other people!

2 thoughts on “A child’s view of life: A must view of life

    • Author gravatar

      I appreciated your blog. I think a child is in the moment while so often adults are so time-obsessed, working on a goal, finishing a goal, and get more of whatever packing too much into a day. It was children who taught me how to play when I worked as a teacher in a daycare. I still will go on a swing in a park, stop and smell the roses in a garden, stop to say hello to neighbours and pet their dogs. My favourite part of a meal is the company, finding out what everyone is doing in their life, as long as no one is dominating the conversation. While Covid was nice because it taught me to be more contemplative, it was good to go out more and see more places in my neighbourhood when things calmed down.

      • Author gravatar

        Thank you so much for the appreciation and for sharing your thoughts regarding this post Ms. Jane 😊…

        Yes, that’s true, and I think most of us should realize that living in the moment is a beneficial way to remove the unnecessary thoughts and attitudes that makes us stressed sometimes. That’s something we have to readapt to relive our inner child and successfully live in the present 💞

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