Guilt free cheesy chocolate cake bars, a must try recipe!

Need something for dessert or snack? Why not try this guilt free cheesy chocolate cake bars recipe! But before that let us learn some healthful information about cocoa powder/chocolate powder and cheese which I used in the recipe. It is common to us that cocoa is a ground powder that they use to produce chocolate.Continue reading “Guilt free cheesy chocolate cake bars, a must try recipe!”

Choose a healthy snack, bake this mango quickbread!

Quickbreads from the name itself are easy to make that’s why they are one of the recipes to choose from when you are in a hurry to prepare a snack for your loveones or for yourself and it’s a good choice to pair with your favorite beverage. This recipe used mango fruit, one of theContinue reading “Choose a healthy snack, bake this mango quickbread!”

Carrot and squash muffins you’ll love to bake!

Muffins are easy to prepare and bake that’s why it’s already one of the ideal recipe to choose from when you are in a hurry to make something for snack or dessert. Specially if you have Kids who loved to eat snacks. You can add vegetables to their favorite snacks, We all know that KidsContinue reading “Carrot and squash muffins you’ll love to bake!”

Easy to make cheesy banana muffins and crunchy banana bread recipe

There are two recipes included here, you can do cheesy soft banana muffins or you can do a crunchy banana bread, and learn about the health benefits you can derive from bananas. According to our “Various health sources” they are as follows: Health benefits of bananas: A good source of potassium that can promote boneContinue reading “Easy to make cheesy banana muffins and crunchy banana bread recipe”

Healthy corn-potato muffin recipe

A muffin is a baked product. It is a cupcake-like quickbread. They are termed as quickbread because they are very easy to prepare and bake. Here’s a healthy muffin recipe you can make at home. This muffin recipe offer some health benefits in our body, by adding vegetables in it you can be sure toContinue reading “Healthy corn-potato muffin recipe”

Yema filled bread

Yema is a sweet, soft and delicious product that was made from the combinations of condensed milk, eggyolk and sugar. Through the years a lot of twists was made in order to make it more delicious and peculiar in taste. Some added crunchy crushed peanuts, butter and etc. It is used as stuffing for breadContinue reading “Yema filled bread”

How to make your own homemade bread!

Bread is also defined as staple food, next to rice. To my opinion it’s because, bread can be eaten as an alternative to rice. You can eat this during mealtime like breakfast, matched with soup, egg, hotdog, ham, bacon, patties, you can also spread some amount of peanut butter, cheese, chocolate and etc. This canContinue reading “How to make your own homemade bread!”

Easy to make cute cookies recipe

A cookie is a kind of baked food that is small in size, flat in shape and has a sweet taste. You can use ordinary flour or all purpose flour, it contains sugar, baking soda, baking powder, oil, butter/margarine or fat. It may include other ingredients like nuts, chocolate chips, oats, raisins chocolate candies/sprinkles andContinue reading “Easy to make cute cookies recipe”

Easy to make glutinous peanut rice cake

This recipe is very easy to make and will not require you much of your time. You will just prepare, mix the ingredients and bake! You will be using the glutinous rice flour mostly found in supermarkets or groceries. You can also use coconut milk powder that you will just dissolve to a hot waterContinue reading “Easy to make glutinous peanut rice cake”

How to make glutinous rice cake

Glutinous rice is a form of sticky rice best for making delicacies for certain types of desserts or snacks. Glutinous rice are popular in Asia and already a part of culture in which rice is eaten. It is often seen during special occassions, like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, parties and etc. for the belief that havingContinue reading “How to make glutinous rice cake”

Easy to make maja blanca recipes!

Maja blanca is a Filipino dessert, can be eaten as a snack during merienda time. It is soft, creamy and pudding-like food that can be enjoyed with any drinks, but for me I prefer to pair it with coffee or chocolate drink. This is one of my favorite snack or dessert, that’s why I amContinue reading “Easy to make maja blanca recipes!”