How to help your children to become successful in life?

As a parent what will be your feeling if you have children who are successful? Off course you will be happy and greatful isn’t it? Parenting is not an easy thing to do, but with all the love that you are willing to pour on it, will surely make it lighter. You cannot control theContinue reading “How to help your children to become successful in life?”

World children’s day and tips on how to help each child grow as a happy adult

To all moms and dads out there! Give some words full of unconditional love and greetings to your child or children today as we celebrate the World Children’s Day! It’s an annual celebration, that is set every November 20, to promote awareness about their needs and rights, wherever part of the world they live atContinue reading “World children’s day and tips on how to help each child grow as a happy adult”

Why you shouldn’t give honey to an infant?

Infants are young children who are under one year of age and defined as the first year of life and the period wherein most rapid growth is happening after their birth or delivery. Their immune system is weak and that’s why you have to be careful on the things, materials and foods that may comeContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t give honey to an infant?”

How to increase your child’s potential?

Does your child has a lot of things that interest him at the moment? This post will talk about how you can help your child to increase his or her potentials or abilities. My seven years old child is very interested about the planets lately, he loves to watch, draw and create artistic figures outContinue reading “How to increase your child’s potential?”

How to be a good teacher of your child at home

Here are some friendly reminders on how to be a good teacher or educator of your child at home, it is not that easy but it’s not also too difficult, we just have to love and absorb this duty, we need to help our child to focus and learn in order for them to achieveContinue reading “How to be a good teacher of your child at home”

Advantages and disadvantages of home schooling

Homeschooling is referred as the method of teaching your child or children at home regarding their school subjects. The teacher is basically one of the guardian (mother, father), anyone at home who can teach or a private tutor. It needs one to be motivated to teach in order for it to be effective. During theContinue reading “Advantages and disadvantages of home schooling”

Help your child to learn more by this easy tips

Have you been asked a lot of questions by your child? Is he or she seems very curious about almost everything? Well it’s a good sign that you’re child is very eager to learn more things and it’s also a good sign that he/she can achieve something in the future. So, here are the waysContinue reading “Help your child to learn more by this easy tips”

10 tips on good parenting and raising a child effectively

Parenting is the process of raising a child in a way that can promote and support the aspects of a child’s life like: physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development from infancy to adulthood. It involves a lot of consistency and routine, which can give children a sense of control, belongingness and achivements. As parents weContinue reading “10 tips on good parenting and raising a child effectively”