What are your summer notes to remember?

Every summer gives a beautiful story, a lesson to remember, moments to share with your loved ones and most specially lots of memories to keep. Summer used to be fun and enjoyable before the pandemic, and this time it’s quite hard to enjoy everything, but it shouldn’t be a reason to skip the happiness thatContinue reading “What are your summer notes to remember?”

Beautiful creations of nature

The Philippines have a unique beauty in terms of nature and environment. The land and water formations are truly amazing! The photo above is a heart-shaped water formation that is surrounded by a green environment. It’s unique, and it looks very magical in my eyes, it only shows that nature has a heart too! MyContinue reading “Beautiful creations of nature”

Stop and be willing to appreciate the nature

It’s a traffic sign designed to notify drivers to stop and make sure that the intersection is already clear and safe of vehicles and pedestrians before continuing to past along. It was placed there to prevent crashes or accidents and to avoid incidents of misunderstandings along the road of whom should have the right way.Continue reading “Stop and be willing to appreciate the nature”

Nature’s deserving recognition

The photo above shows big trees which blooms red flowers on top. The trees are already old, but still capable of producing beautiful flowers. In life, it means that age is not an indication for one’s productivity. Something to note: “Everything has its own unique beauty and everyone has two eyes but not everyone hasContinue reading “Nature’s deserving recognition”

Stories created with nature

It’s a bit cloudy and windy afternoon, I and my eldest son decided to go out for a walk around our area to breathe some fresh air and to be able to do some stretching and to provide good circulation of blood in our body. It’s a very relaxing activity because you’ve got to seeContinue reading “Stories created with nature”

A glimpse of nature inside the Mall

It’s a beautiful day, and we’ve decided to visit the nearby Mall. Roaming around or doing a brisk walk with hubby is already a fulfilling activity for me. Chinese new year is approaching and that’s why this Mall has decorations in relation to Chinese beliefs. The owner of the mall is a Chinese, so youContinue reading “A glimpse of nature inside the Mall”

Child’s request to visit Kamay ni Hesus at Lucban Quezon PH

This visit was being requested by our eldest child, he saw this address in his PH map, and he asked if we can go and visit the place. We visited this place already years ago, but he can’t remember it anymore because he was only 1 year old that time. I told his request toContinue reading “Child’s request to visit Kamay ni Hesus at Lucban Quezon PH”

A fulfilling visit to Kamay ni Hesus at Lucban Quezon Province PH

Kamay ni Hesus is a sacred place and a popular pilgrimage destination known for its miraculous healing masses. It was said that the area is about 5 hectares, and it was beautifully constructed on the year February 2002, located at Barangay Tinamnan, Lucban Quezon Province. It’s a place that is open for everyone who wantsContinue reading “A fulfilling visit to Kamay ni Hesus at Lucban Quezon Province PH”

Roaming around venice grand canal in Taguig Philippines

Venice Grand Canal is a classy mall where you can experience the feels of being in an Italian environment. There is no entrance fee and you can stay as long as the mall is open. You can find a lot of restaurants inside the mall where you can dine and eat. It is located atContinue reading “Roaming around venice grand canal in Taguig Philippines”

The health benefits of traveling

Do you love traveling and exploring new places? If you were to choose where would you like to travel? Traveling is an activity wherein you explore yourself to places for recreation, vacation, for a research, as a hobby or simply because you just want to enjoy, be it locally or abroad. Aside from having funContinue reading “The health benefits of traveling”

Roaming around SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City

Roaming around in this Mall is truly a form of brisk walking exercise! If you love spending time to look around, buy things which you need and like for personal or home use, watch cinema movies, eat a meal with your special someone? This mall is waiting for you! The mall is clean and organizedContinue reading “Roaming around SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City”

Our world needs LCR- LOVE, CARE and RESPECT

We really need love, care and respect not just for the environment but most specially with all the people around, no matter who they are! What they eat, what they wear, where they live, rich or poor, white, brown or black, boss or employee! What a wonderful world would it be if we can beContinue reading “Our world needs LCR- LOVE, CARE and RESPECT”