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Learn some actionable tips to improve yourself

These actionable tips teaches valuable things that can help you deal with different situations.

Read each question, focus and reflect on the answers. Flip each card to reveal the answer.

How to improve while sticking to the process of life?

  • Love yourself
  • Accept your situation
  • Appreciate what you have
  • Manifest the life that you want to push through
  • Assess, plan and do something for yourself

How to turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts?

  • Instead of telling I can’t do this, tell yourself that you can do it!
  • Instead of telling I don’t know, tell yourself I’ll find it.
  • Instead of telling that it’s too hard, tell yourself that it’s a challenge you have to conquer.
  • Instead of worrying too much, tell yourself I’m curious about what will happen and I will try.

What are the basic attitudes to live by daily?

  • Be kind even if others are not
  • Be courageous when situations look fearful
  • Be acceptable and lovable
  • Be confident especially when someone wants to drag you down
  • Be humble if you have abundance in life. You won’t have it forever!
  • Be truthful even when situations want you to lie
  • Be adaptable to change

What are the things to say never to achieve mental health and improve life?

  • Never mind about people who don’t trust your capabilities
  • Never give people a reason to disrespect you
  • Never allow any person to define your worth and value negatively
  • Never chase toxic and negative people
  • Never allow people to choose what you should be doing in life
  • Never take your love ones for granted
  • Never be afraid of failure
  • Never stop believing in yourself

How to improve your time management?

  • Wake up early
  • Use a planner, and plan your day
  • Follow your scheduled tasks
  • Set time limit with every task
  • Be aware of your deadlines
  • Learn to say NO to unimportant things
  • Have a clock on a corner where you can easily see
  • Set reminders 15 to 30 minutes before
  • Focus and prioritize your tasks
  • Eliminate time wasters
  • Learn to delegate to right people

What are the things to think about or do before bedtime that can help you achieve success?

  • Read a book
  • Turn off your phone to avoid distractions
  • Make a reflection about what happened within the day
  • Journal about your thoughts and feelings
  • Reduce stress by meditating
  • Think about important things
  • Set goals and plan your next day

How to speak confidently in front of a group?

  • Assess your audience
  • Think of something that can grab their attention
  • Take down important notes
  • Use valuable resources
  • Use desirable structures
  • Remain calm in every stage of your presentation

What are the helpful tips to overcome self-doubt?

  • Show more kindness to yourself
  • Be inspired to what you have become
  • Remember that you are unique
  • Manage your thoughts
  • Look for support
  • Know your values in life

How to have a better conversation with someone else?

  • Know the person whom you are talking with
  • Remember that there is a right topic in every situation
  • Think of a shared interest or topic
  • Share your comments on what they say
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Give the right reaction to a person’s opinion or comments
  • Just go with the flow, but divert what isn’t appropriate
  • Avoid talking more about yourself, and never dominate the conversation

Why does being selective with our words very important?

  • It saves us from being liable
  • Helps to minimize the length of unimportant conversation
  • Enhances your critical thinking
  • It helps you to focus on what matters most
  • Helps you to ignore certain stimuli that could ruin a conversation
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