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The SM mall in Baguio City Philippines

A shopping mall is a good place that can help you relieve stress and boredom, help you get a good physical activity through walking around, it helps to boost your mood because there are lots of things that can surely entertain you while inside the mall. And Baguio City also has an SM mall where you can do countless things […]

Priceless happiness we can get from nature

Happiness is a feeling of satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment about a thing, situation, and place. It may have different definitions, but it’s often described as involving positive emotions. One thing that can make us feel happy and recharge is when we spend time with nature! Connecting with nature can offer countless wonders for our well-being. Exposure to it will not only […]

Exploring Baguio City, Philippines

If there’s a place to spend a staycation in the Philippines that could provide you a good ambiance, good environment, and a pro-nature? It could be Baguio City! Personally, Baguio City is one of my recommended place to visit in the Philippines. This place promotes a clean and green environment, thus providing you a fresh air to breathe. It was […]

Mines View Park in Baguio City, Philippines

The Mines View Park is just a short drive from the downtown of Baguio City. Located at Mines View Observation Deck, Baguio, Benguet. Mines View Park is an overlooking area which provides a unique view of Benguet’s mining ground, and the beautiful mountains! It is one of the most visited tourist spot in Baguio City. Every time we visit Baguio […]

The Strawberry Farm in Baguio City, Philippines

The famous strawberry farm in Baguio City, Philippines is located in the town of La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines. Benguet State University owns and maintains the strawberry farm. The area is very spacious, and the ambiance is very calming. It’s a well-known strawberry farm in the Philippines where tourists go to see actual strawberry plants living on the ground. And what […]

Burnham Park Baguio City, Philippines

Burnham Park is a wide and green park located in Jose Abad Santos Dr. Baguio City. You can see many trees, specially Pine trees around the area which provides shade and fresh air for the visitors who want to spend a few hours of their time with nature. Activities that you can do in Burnham Park: Brisk walking- A walk […]