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Impressive health benefits of banana blossom and delightful recipes that you can make

The banana blossom or the banana heart grows at the end of the banana fruit cluster. When cooked, it has a chunky and flaky texture. According to our health food source, the impressive health benefits that you can get from banana blossom are as follows: Disclaimer: This post is intended for educational purposes only! It isn’t meant to constitute medical […]

Banana blossom with tuna flakes

This boiled and sautéed recipe is a health-boosting way to cook your canned tuna flakes. This recipe used century tuna, which is a heart-friendly brand. The combination of banana blossoms makes it healthier and delicious. There are different ways to cook this wonderful fruit, which include sautéed, adobo, boiled, curried, and fried. It’s a chunky and flaky recipe that is […]

Tasty braised- stewed pork belly

The simple technique in doing this recipe is that we have to fry the pork belly first with vegetable oil and then stewing it using the same pan by slowly adding the needed ingredients. The addition of banana blossoms and raisins makes this recipe more palatable. This recipe is rich in protein, fiber, potassium, and other essential nutrients. Note: Excessive […]

Banana blossom in coconut milk

This is another recipe I did with banana blossom, the last time it’s in the form of adobo (something cooked with soy sauce, banana blossom adobo recipe). It only means that banana blossoms are very flexible as an ingredient to different kind of recipes too. Banana blossoms are rich in fiber, making it a good food to aid in constipation […]

Banana blossom adobo recipe

Have you tried eating banana blossom already? If you love eating banana fruit, you may also want to consider its banana blossom. It can offer many recipe options to fit your taste buds. It has a unique taste, and it’s a good idea to include it in your recipes. Banana blossoms are rich in fiber which is helpful during digestion […]