Chicken meat spring rolls

Do you love to eat spring rolls? Then make this recipe out of chicken meat, potatoes and carrots today! Holiday season is fast approaching and I’m a little bit excited and happy because my beloved husband might spend the whole holiday with us. So to prepare with the holiday season I’m developing simple recipes whichContinue reading “Chicken meat spring rolls”

Nutrients in a bowl of chicken-elbow macaroni soup

Soup is a nutrient rich food. In other countries, they considered it as comfort food. This liquid food is best to consume while still warm. It is prepared and cooked by combining ingredients like meat and vegetables with a stock or using water. This recipe is made from chicken meat, added with egg, carrots, milk,Continue reading “Nutrients in a bowl of chicken-elbow macaroni soup”

Easy to cook sweet and sour recipe

This recipe is a healthy choice because it includes vegetables potato and carrot. In choosing food for our family, we should cook food that can benefit our family members’ health and specially if you have kids, of course you want them to eat the nutritious one. The way we cook and prepare them will alwaysContinue reading “Easy to cook sweet and sour recipe”