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Meaty carrot fried rice

Looking for a fried rice recipe? Try this meaty carrot fried rice! It was added with fried chicken slices to make it meaty, raisins to give a little sweetness for every chew, eggs to enhance its flavor, garlic, onion, margarine, and other spices to make it savory! It’s a delicious and practical way to use up leftover rice, and it’s […]

Cashew chicken meat and veggies

Are you a cashew lover? Why not make a recipe out of it! This fried and sautéed dish combines chicken meat, potato, red bell pepper and cashews, to offer a colorful and savory treat! All the ingredients blended well with the spices bringing some crunch and a delicious chew for every piece! Note: Excessive consumption of food is not good […]

Important health benefits of chicken meat and must-try recipes

Chickens are a widely known type of poultry in the world, they are considered domesticated animals. It’s been a very beneficial source of meat and eggs for human consumption. Some common cooking methods are soups, grilled, sautéed, baked, curry and fried. Here are the important health benefits of chicken meat according to our health food source: It builds muscles, because […]

Chicken meat with pineapple tidbits

Do you love chicken meat recipes? Try this easy-to-make chicken meat with pineapple tidbits recipe. It has a blended sweet and sour taste. Preparing a dish at home is a fulfilling activity because you know that you are serving your family and yourself a healthier meal. You can control and choose your ingredients unlike when you buy readily prepared food […]

Boiled chicken with cabbage and chayote

Vegetables are always a good option to pair with meat recipes, but you can also cook it even without meat. There are a lot of ways on how to cook cabbage, it can be used in soup recipes, stews, can use as coleslaw, can also be used as food wrapper, you can do stir-fried cabbage, sautéed cabbage etc. the other […]