Creamy chicken curry in coconut milk

Do you love curried recipes? Then you must try this one! The combination of coconut milk with curry powder really made this dish great! Plus the addition of potato, carrot, green pepper, red bell pepper and other spices contributed with its savory and aromatic smell. This recipe is rich in protein, carbohydrates, fiber and antioxidants….

Pork, broccoli and carrot slices in coconut milk

It’s a nutritious dish that you can serve later for your love ones! The juiciness and crunchiness of broccoli and carrot, together with the pork meat slices that was cooked in coconut milk is just right to give you a nutrient-rich dish for lunch or dinner. Broccoli and carrot both contains antioxidants, anti-cancer properties and…

Soft and delicious holiday sticky rice delicacy

This delicacy is made from glutinous rice flour added with coconut milk, brown sugar, margarine and condensed milk. It’s a baked sticky sweet dessert or snack that is usually served with warm or hot beverage. It’s also a part of culture and tradition here in Asia to prepare or have this during a special occasion….

Milk fish in coconut milk

Do you love eating fish but already tired of cooking the same recipe each time? Please don’t hesitate to try this milk fish in coconut milk, you can also use this recipe with tuna, tilapia, salmon or any meaty fish you prefer. The combination of the coconut milk makes it so creamy and delicious, pure…

Banana blossom in coconut milk

This is another recipe I did with banana blossom, the last time it’s in the form of adobo (something cooked with soy sauce, banana blossom adobo recipe). It only means that banana blossoms are very flexible as an ingredient to different kind of recipes too. Banana blossoms are rich in fiber, making it a good…