Beautiful creations of nature

The Philippines have a unique beauty in terms of nature and environment. The land and water formations are truly amazing! The photo above is a heart-shaped water formation that is surrounded by a green environment. It’s unique, and it looks very magical in my eyes, it only shows that nature has a heart too! MyContinue reading “Beautiful creations of nature”

Stop and be willing to appreciate the nature

It’s a traffic sign designed to notify drivers to stop and make sure that the intersection is already clear and safe of vehicles and pedestrians before continuing to past along. It was placed there to prevent crashes or accidents and to avoid incidents of misunderstandings along the road of whom should have the right way.Continue reading “Stop and be willing to appreciate the nature”

Nature’s deserving recognition

The photo above shows big trees which blooms red flowers on top. The trees are already old, but still capable of producing beautiful flowers. In life, it means that age is not an indication for one’s productivity. Something to note: “Everything has its own unique beauty and everyone has two eyes but not everyone hasContinue reading “Nature’s deserving recognition”

Stories created with nature

It’s a bit cloudy and windy afternoon, I and my eldest son decided to go out for a walk around our area to breathe some fresh air and to be able to do some stretching and to provide good circulation of blood in our body. It’s a very relaxing activity because you’ve got to seeContinue reading “Stories created with nature”

What are the things and important reminders you need to know before a storm?

This past few days aren’t good because of the storm that hit our country. A lot of lives, trees, animals, houses and material possessions where damaged by this storm. That’s why preparation and alertness are very important in times like this, but what are the things and important reminders you need to know before aContinue reading “What are the things and important reminders you need to know before a storm?”