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Crispy pork leg recipe

Crispy pork leg or the crispy pata is a recipe cooked by boiling and deep-frying. The first step is to boil the pork leg with spices to tenderize the meat, and the second step is to deep-fry it to achieve a crispy texture. Note: Excessive consumption of food is not good to our health and can bring a negative result […]

Pork steak sweet style recipe

This pork steak sweet style recipe was soaked first with soy sauce, lime (calamansi) extract, brown sugar, and other spices before cooking. Pork meat also offers essential nutrients that our body needs like protein, vitamins, and minerals. Pork meat when consumed in moderation can provide certain health benefits! But always make sure to consider this note below regarding food consumption. […]

Breaded chicken meat

At home, one of our task as Mom or Dad is to make a recipe that our kids would like and would love to eat! This breaded chicken meat recipe is a good choice to offer for them, as some kids prefer fried when it comes to chicken meat, this recipe is full of nutrients that can benefit them. It […]

Milk fish with black beans

Do you love including fish in your weekly dishes? Eating a good amount of fish or including it in your diet is a good action to take because it contains a lot of essential nutrients that can nourish our bodies. They are also very flexible to include in other recipes together with various kinds of vegetables. Try this recipe which […]