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A child’s view of life: A must view of life

Weekends are children’s favorite because it means leisure time with the family! Going outside to eat, do some sightseeing. Eat meals, and of course, what they love above all is playing different types of games and having fun! It’s their way of life, to enjoy each moment with greatness in their hearts! Some of us think that kids are the […]

The way we look into life really matters!

Life is very much related to time, that we can’t hold back, and once it’s gone, it’s gone! There is no rewind, playback, or time machine just like what we had watched in TV shows or any fairy tale and fictional stories when we were young! That’s why we should enjoy what we can enjoy, and explore what we can […]

What are the things that the pandemic taught us?

There are countless activities, goals, and travels that aren’t fulfilled or suspended because of the pandemic. But we shouldn’t be sad because of that, the important is we are safe and still breathing! But what are the things that the pandemic taught us? Unity with our creator– Going to the church with the whole family. I always believed that the […]

How to achieve your goals! Let the Journey Begins

A goal is something you want to achieve in life. It maybe a short term goal or a long term goal. Setting a goal will give you a direction and focus. Our journey in life depends on what we like, what we know what we believed and what we choose to do. Whenever we failed or succeed in life some […]