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Sweetened pork and veggies

This dish is a good way to get into that sweet mealtime with your loved ones! Note: Excessive consumption of food is not good for our health and can bring negative results or bad effects on our bodies. Always eat the right kind and the right amount of food. Ingredients: Procedure: Something to note: “Eating food with the whole family […]

How to live peacefully as a parent?

Living peacefully as a parent seems impossible, you might frown at me, you might raise your eyebrows! You might say living peacefully as a parent is hard and it’s a big no to have the peaceful moments that you are longing for yourself! But why is it hard? Is it because of the noisy kids, the cluttered toys? The demanding […]

The advantages and disadvantages of shopping online

This post will tackle about the benefits and the downside of purchasing products through online stores. Together with the rise of technology, online shopping is also boosting. That’s why a vast majority of people are now choosing this way of buying their needed stuffs. Most of the products that you can buy are clothing, household materials, household essentials, food etc. […]

Birthday ideas for kids at home

Having a hard time planning your child’s birthday at home? Read this post! It will tackle about birthday ideas and how to make your child’s birthday memorable and special, even with just a simple celebration! A birthday is a special day set for every person to remind him/her of his existence here on Earth, and it’s a day that we […]

A mother’s endless love

We really can’t explain a true mother’s love, until we experienced it by ourselves. Everything changes, our goals, and dreams aren’t just ours anymore! A selfless mother is a woman who can sacrifice, she is willing to give up her personal dreams just to see her child/children rise and shine! She can give you a lot of care and affection, […]

Helpful tips on how to manage sibling rivalry and to promote good relationship among them

No matter how your kids are playing together and no matter how they bond during playtime, let’s face the fact that there are things or situations wherein they come to the point of having misunderstandings and disagreements. A sibling rivalry occurs when there is jealousy, fighting, and competition between children, and it’s really a big concern for parents that shouldn’t […]

A happy wife makes a happy home

What is a happy wife make a happy home mean? Included in this post are some helpful tips for moms to better deal with and feel good with daily life at home. Most women stay at home not because they are too lazy to get into a job or to make money, but because they choose to take care and […]

Why you shouldn’t give honey to an infant?

Infants are young children who are under one year of age and defined as the first year of life and the period wherein most rapid growth is happening after their birth or delivery. Their immune system is weak and that’s why you have to be careful on the things, materials, and foods that may come in contact with their mouth. […]