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Bread-cheese pockets

Each day, we should fill our mind and heart with positive thoughts and actions. That would encourage us to do more out of life. One way to get into this is to do activities that will lift our mood, and personality! This morning I came up with this wonderful bread recipe. This recipe has a crunchy outer layer, but a […]

Cheesy ensymada recipe

This bread recipe is sweet, cheesy, and milky. It’s a good snack that you can pair with your favorite hot beverage like choco, milk or light coffee during your rest hours. The addition of margarine, sugar, milk, and the cheese makes me to love this ensymada very much! Years ago, the shape of the ensymada is a hand span, circular […]

Health boosting carrot fruit cake recipe

All the goodness of a healthy snack is already within this quick bread! Imagine eating a fruit salad while biting it with bread? This recipe has a unique taste, delicious and refreshing. Mixed fruits and shredded carrot are rich in different vitamins and minerals which are essential in our body. They are also a fiber rich food that contains antioxidants. […]

Guilt-free cheesy chocolate cake bars

Need something for dessert or snack? Why not try this guilt-free cheesy chocolate cake bars recipe! Cocoa is a ground powder that they used to produce chocolate. It has beneficial components which can help our body. A cheese can be used as a stuffing for bread, toppings, and ingredient to food recipes, it also offers some health benefits in our […]

Mango quick bread

Quick breads from the name itself are easy to make. That’s why they are one of the recipes to choose from when you are rushing to prepare a snack for your loved ones or for yourself, and it’s a good choice to pair with your favorite beverage. This recipe used mango fruit, one of the most popular fruit because of […]

Healthy corn-potato muffin recipe

A muffin is a baked product. It is a cupcake-like quick bread. They are termed as quick bread because they are easy to prepare and bake. Note: Excessive consumption of food is not good to our health and can bring a negative result or bad effects in our body. Always eat the right kind and the right amount of food. […]

Tasty Egg-potato-pork adobo

Make something different with your adobo recipe by adding eggs! It’s very simple and easy to cook, usually chicken and egg are paired, but let’s make it a little unique! Pork and egg makes a good pair too. The pork meat was marinated first. The marinade is a liquid mixture combinations of vinegar, soy sauce, brown sugar, black pepper, garlic […]

Easy homemade bread

Get to try this recipe and make your very own homemade bread! Ingredients: 3 1/2 cups of flour +1/2 for dusting 1 tsp yeast 1/2 tsp salt 2 tbsp powdered milk 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 cup butter or margarine 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1 piece egg yolk 1 cup water Procedure: Wash your hands, prepare the needed materials and ingredients […]

Easy to make glutinous peanut rice cake

This recipe is easy to make and will not require you much of your time! You will just prepare, mix the ingredients, and bake! You will be using the glutinous rice flour mostly found in supermarkets or groceries. This recipe is an energy-boosting food that you can enjoy during snack time! Note: Excessive consumption of food is not good for […]

Simple glutinous rice cake recipe

Glutinous rice is a form of sticky rice best for making delicacies for certain types of desserts or snacks. Cooking glutinous rice recipes is a popular activity in Asia, and it’s already a part of culture and tradition for many. It is often seen during special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, parties, etc. Note: Excessive consumption of food is not […]