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Home remedies for sore throat

A sore throat is a painful, itchy, and irritated throat. This could produce an uneasy feeling because it brings difficulty in swallowing our food and drinking our fluids. This could also make us uncomfortable at night as it ruins a good night of sleep. But don’t worry, as you can do remedies to ease and treat this while at home! […]

How to care for a sick child while at home?

There are times wherein our children get sick because of numerous contributing factors that are present around, and as they say, it’s a part of growing up. But to think that we can do something to help our children during this time is so much important. One common sickness that our children are getting through is seasonal flu, which can […]

Are you in the stage of anxiety?

This post will help you identify if you are experiencing anxiety, what are the signs and symptoms, and how it affects your overall health! To start with, let’s define first what does anxiety stands for. So, anxiety is a feeling of worrying, being nervous, having uneasy emotions about an event or regarding an approaching event or situation. Anxiety is a […]

Why women have mood swings before their monthly period?

This post will tackle about premenstrual syndrome which affects most women. Gentlemen, you should also read this for you to better understand what ladies are experiencing before menstruation! Specially if you have a wife or a partner who is dealing with this every month, she needs your supportive care in managing this, do not judge her as it affects her […]

Why you shouldn’t give honey to an infant?

Infants are young children who are under one year of age and defined as the first year of life and the period wherein most rapid growth is happening after their birth or delivery. Their immune system is weak and that’s why you have to be careful on the things, materials, and foods that may come in contact with their mouth. […]

Must know about depression

Our world is facing so many problems already. Many of us are not comfortable with what is happening around us. Some are lonely, ungrateful, miserable and losing hopes. That’s why we must be aware of our moods and actions. Some people are experiencing depression, and it is not an easy problem to handle. Read below what is depression? What are […]

Must know about acne

Have you experienced having an acne? How did you feel about it? Are you the one who feels uneasy and problematic about how you look? The one who is very eager to find ways on how to let it go away? Or the one who is not bothered at all? It depends on how a person handle the situation, for […]

What are the realizations that covid-19 brought into our lives?

Many of us are already exhausted, lonely, stressed and even depressed with what the COVID-19 or the coronavirus brought to us. This pandemic gave us many realizations about life, that: We must be thankful to God for the gift of life. Self-love, self-care and personal hygiene is important. Your Family (Mother, Father, Wife, Husband, Children, Siblings etc.) are the best […]

All about stroke

Do you know of someone who has or experienced this disease? It is a serious kind of disease which needs immediate intervention. According to our health source, here are the symptoms, causes, risk factors and management of the disease. Stroke is a form of brain attack which occurs when blood flow to an area of the brain has blockage, and […]

All about diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus are a group of diseases that affect your body on how it uses the blood sugar (or the glucose). It is significant because it’s our brain’s source of fuel and the source of energy for the cells that make up the muscles and other body tissues. So if you suffer from diabetes, it means that you have too […]