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10 Things that children might want their parents to know and understand

Being a parent could take you to different feelings or emotions. Sometimes, they can be sad or happy, they can be stressful and there could be overwhelming moments that accompany them! But to know that these moments will bring you a lot of experiences and little journeys would remind you that you are one of a kind in this world. […]

Dangers of putting too much pressure on children

Some parents want their child or children to achieve the best that they can be. This isn’t bad if accompanied by proper guidance and by means of not pressuring the child too much in achieving something. Because too much pressure that parents give on their children can also put too much pressure on their child’s performance. Unknowingly that putting too […]

The benefits of playing blocks to children

Blocks are play materials that come from solid pieces which children used to build different shapes and structures depending on what comes into their imagination at the time of playing. Block play is a process of learning through playing blocks, be it in smaller or bigger sizes. It is also defined as open-ended play, meaning that there are no rules […]

Tips when traveling with kids

This post is all about the things that we should consider while traveling with kids, specially if it will take a few hours or a long drive before reaching your destination. Traveling is a very fulfilling and a fun activity to most of the kids. To fully enjoy it, we have to know some of the things that we should […]

Birthday ideas for kids at home

Having a hard time planning your child’s birthday at home? Read this post! It will tackle about birthday ideas and how to make your child’s birthday memorable and special, even with just a simple celebration! A birthday is a special day set for every person to remind him/her of his existence here on Earth, and it’s a day that we […]

Helpful tips on how to manage sibling rivalry and to promote good relationship among them

No matter how your kids are playing together and no matter how they bond during playtime, let’s face the fact that there are things or situations wherein they come to the point of having misunderstandings and disagreements. A sibling rivalry occurs when there is jealousy, fighting, and competition between children, and it’s really a big concern for parents that shouldn’t […]

Help your child to learn more through these easy tips

Is your child curious about almost everything? Well, it’s a good sign that your child is curious, it means that he/she is very eager to learn more things, and it’s also a good sign that he/she can achieve something in the future. So, here are the ways on how you can help your child to learn more: Listen to them- […]

Effective tips on good parenting and raising a child better

Parenting is the process of raising a child in a way that can promote and support the areas of a child’s life like physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development. It involves a lot of consistency and routines, which can give the children a sense of control, belongingness, and achievements. We have different parenting styles as parents, and occasionally, what we […]