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Love is a life’s choice that you need to cherish each day

A choice is simply an act of making a decision, and choosing the one you will love will have a great impact on the family life that you want to create or build. Hubby and I were already at our 9th wedding anniversary last February, of this year 2022. And to that years, I can say that I am so […]

How to have a good partner in life?

Every woman or man wishes to have a good partner, better half, or spouse in life. Someone who will be there through ups and downs, and who can give the strength to cheer each other when things go wrong. But how to have a good partner? In a relationship, the golden rule applies as well. If you treat your significant […]

A wedding anniversary letter to hubby

Yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary, and I am genuinely grateful that we come this far, wishing to spend more and more years being together until we reach what every couple dreamed of having forever! I am so blessed that our almighty gave such a good man to me, he is a God-fearing person, a loving father and husband, and […]

Will you pick it up?

A flower is a wonderful piece of nature, it’s a simple sign of love, purity, and beauty. I love seeing flowers as they remind me of the importance of women in society. It was a beautiful day when I saw this flower lying beneath the green grass while going to the nearby food store. It looks fresh and seems like […]

Happy activities that could stimulate your relationship

What are the things that you can do to keep your relationship active and strong? We also need stimulation in a relationship for it to grow and nourish. Nobody wants a boring relationship, isn’t it? Here are some helpful tips that you can do to stimulate your relationship: Inform each other about the things he or she does in a […]

How to deal with boredom in a relationship?

Is the word boring really exists in a relationship? Have you ever experienced it? How did you deal with it? This post will tackle about why some relationships are experiencing boredom and tips on how you can deal and pass through it. We can feel different emotions and that’s why we’re able to express different feelings too. One of them […]

How to achieve a fulfilling and healthy relationship?

Are you in loved? Brokenhearted? Searching for someone? Smiling or crying because of somebody? Well, just think of this, “Love should never hurt you”. You already found that true love when you are in a satisfying relationship, meaning you are happy and contented having each other. There was a belief that someone is already out there, destined for us. Do […]