Six steps for a better you

How do you feel about yourself right now? Are you satisfied for the person whom you are today? Are you regretful? Or are you teasing yourself of what you’ve became? We can never get back what is already done, we cannot be sure of what will happen in the future, but we can always makeContinue reading “Six steps for a better you”

Just take it one day at a time

Are you the type of person that is always worrying about what will come or will happen tomorrow? don’t worry you are not alone! A time in my life, I experienced this and I know that a lot of people out there are dealing with the same situation. Maybe some of you already heard aboutContinue reading “Just take it one day at a time”

If you are tired, get some rest, life is like a long road

It’s a beautiful day, as I walk going outside to buy some food to the nearby food store this morning. I saw a woman sitting in a chair near the gate. She looks so tired, sweaty and looking down at her feet while stretching her arms. Perhaps she was so tired carrying her loads (theContinue reading “If you are tired, get some rest, life is like a long road”

How to achieve a fulfilling and healthy relationship

Are you in loved? Brokenhearted? Looking for someone? Smiling or crying because of somebody? Well just think of this, “Love should never hurt you”. You already found that true love when you are in a satisfying relationship, meaning you are happy and contented having each other. There was a belief that someone is already outContinue reading “How to achieve a fulfilling and healthy relationship”

How to achieve your goals! Let the Journey Begins

A goal is something you want to achieve in life. It maybe a short term goal or a long term goal. Setting a goal will give you a direction and focus in life. Our journey in life depends on what we like, what we know, what we believed and what we choose to do. WheneverContinue reading “How to achieve your goals! Let the Journey Begins”