Pork meat, pork liver and mixed vegetables

This dish is very tasty and savory made possible by the combination of pork meat, pork liver and mixed vegetables (carrots, green peas and corn bits). It’s a nutritious dish because of the vitamins and minerals you can get from the ingredients. According to our health food source liver contains significant amounts of Iron, vitamin B, vitaminContinue reading “Pork meat, pork liver and mixed vegetables”

A meaty-eggplant patties recipe

This meaty-eggplant recipe offers a unique taste, the combination of minced meat and bit slices of eggplant dipped with this creamy sauce is a perfect match to your warm rice. Although eggplants has a bitter-like raw taste, when cooked it will offer a delicious treat to your taste buds. Some recipes that you can doContinue reading “A meaty-eggplant patties recipe”

Sweet and sour pork-pineaplle recipe and what are some of the health benefits you can get from the ingredients

It’s always a great idea to cook meal for your family because you are sure that you serve them safe and healthy food. Also, you have the control over the amount of ingredients that you’re adding to your recipe, which makes the meal good and healthy one. In cooking your own food, you will notContinue reading “Sweet and sour pork-pineaplle recipe and what are some of the health benefits you can get from the ingredients”

Boiled pork ribs with pechay or bokchoy recipe

Are you the one who loves to eat pork meat? the one who loves veggies? or the one who loves to combine them? For me, I prefer them both. Specially adding some green leafy vegetables that contains a lot of nutrients that is very beneficial to our health. This recipe includes bokchoy or pechay, thisContinue reading “Boiled pork ribs with pechay or bokchoy recipe”

Tasty Egg-potato-pork adobo

If you want to have a unique tasty adobo, try to add some eggs on it. I really like the taste of these delicious egg-potato-pork adobo. Using hard boiled eggs. It’s very simple and easy to cook, instead of egg and chicken try the pork, the blended taste is very flavorful. It can be aContinue reading “Tasty Egg-potato-pork adobo”