Are overripe bananas good for banana quickbread?

Some of us love to eat different banana quickbread recipes and some prefer the moist one, but how to make moist banana quickbread? Does the banana we use in the recipe really matters? I already made a lot of banana quickbread recipes depending on the texture I prefer. This chocolate banana quickbread is a carbohydrate-richContinue reading “Are overripe bananas good for banana quickbread?”

Honey-banana bread recipe

Are you one of those who loved to eat banana bread recipes? banana itself is a very good snack, there are a lot of health benefits you can get from eating this fruit alone, according to our health food source, bananas can assists healthy digestion and can ease constipation because of the soluble fibre pectinContinue reading “Honey-banana bread recipe”

Eggless choco banana quickbread

Some of us who loves to bake maybe considering it already as a routine to prepare something for the day, but sometimes we experienced or will experience running out of some ingredients in the pantry and what if you run out of eggs? Eggs are essential component of a baked bread, cookies, quickbread and etc.Continue reading “Eggless choco banana quickbread”

Indulge with this carrot-fruit cake recipe

What will be the taste of a combined vegetable and fruit quickbread? All the goodness of a healthy snack is already within this quickbread. Imagine eating a fruit salad while biting it in a bread. It has a unique taste, delicious and refreshing. The combination of carrot and mixed fruits are a good choice inContinue reading “Indulge with this carrot-fruit cake recipe”

Enjoy this squash loaf bread with your favorite drink

Do you loved including veggies in your diet? Or mix it with your recipes? Nowadays, health concious people are increasing, it’s because there are a lot of diseases out there that can make your body suffer, indulging too much in unhealthy foods are one of the reason for a weak immune system. So try toContinue reading “Enjoy this squash loaf bread with your favorite drink”

Guilt free cheesy chocolate cake bars, a must try recipe!

Need something for dessert or snack? Why not try this guilt free cheesy chocolate cake bars recipe! But before that let us learn some healthful information about cocoa powder/chocolate powder and cheese which I used in the recipe. It is common to us that cocoa is a ground powder that they use to produce chocolate.Continue reading “Guilt free cheesy chocolate cake bars, a must try recipe!”

Choose a healthy snack, bake this mango quickbread!

Quickbreads from the name itself are easy to make that’s why they are one of the recipes to choose from when you are in a hurry to prepare a snack for your loveones or for yourself and it’s a good choice to pair with your favorite beverage. This recipe used mango fruit, one of theContinue reading “Choose a healthy snack, bake this mango quickbread!”

Carrot and squash muffins you’ll love to bake!

Muffins are easy to prepare and bake that’s why it’s already one of the ideal recipe to choose from when you are in a hurry to make something for snack or dessert. Specially if you have Kids who loved to eat snacks. You can add vegetables to their favorite snacks, We all know that KidsContinue reading “Carrot and squash muffins you’ll love to bake!”

Easy to make cheesy banana muffins and crunchy banana bread recipe

There are two recipes included here, you can do cheesy soft banana muffins or you can do a crunchy banana bread, and learn about the health benefits you can derive from bananas. According to our “Various health sources” they are as follows: Health benefits of bananas: A good source of potassium that can promote boneContinue reading “Easy to make cheesy banana muffins and crunchy banana bread recipe”

Healthy corn-potato muffin recipe

A muffin is a baked product. It is a cupcake-like quickbread. They are termed as quickbread because they are very easy to prepare and bake. Here’s a healthy muffin recipe you can make at home. This muffin recipe offer some health benefits in our body, by adding vegetables in it you can be sure toContinue reading “Healthy corn-potato muffin recipe”