Sauteed veggies with whisked eggs

Do you like the idea of more vegetables in your diet? Consuming good amount of vegetables each day is important to help your body achieve an overall health. They are not only nutritious and a cheaper way to get into a meal, but may also offer protection to a lot of possible diseases that mayContinue reading “Sauteed veggies with whisked eggs”

Fried fish with sauteed tomatoes

It’s a beautiful day! the sun is rising up there giving those plants, people and animals with warmth outside and it also means that it’s already time to cook again another recipe. When you are looking for something to prepare today don’t hesitate to try this sauteed tomatoes with fried fish. This recipe used meatyContinue reading “Fried fish with sauteed tomatoes”

Easy to cook sauteed cabbage recipe and the benefits we can get

Vegetables are a great source of many vitamins and minerals that are needed by our body. What is your favorite vegetable? Do you enjoy it without meat? One of my favorite vegetable is cabbage because it’s very flavorful and crunchy. There are a lot of ways in cooking this, they are great ingredient to stews,Continue reading “Easy to cook sauteed cabbage recipe and the benefits we can get”