Luscious pumpkin snack bars

It’s another recipe you can make with your favorite pumpkin! This recipe is a nutrient dense food that you can enjoy as a dessert or snack. A pumpkin is a kind of vegetable that is very flexible in terms of culinary uses. It can be use as an ingredient to baking and also in cookingContinue reading “Luscious pumpkin snack bars”

Squash bread stuffed with yema coconut filling

It’s a good idea to add some vegetables on our baked goods, it will not only make the bread delicious but will make it a healthier option to eat during your snack time. This recipe is rich in essential health nutrients that our body needs. According to our health food source some of the importantContinue reading “Squash bread stuffed with yema coconut filling”

Enjoy this squash loaf bread with your favorite drink

Do you loved including veggies in your diet? Or mix it with your recipes? Nowadays, health concious people are increasing, it’s because there are a lot of diseases out there that can make your body suffer, indulging too much in unhealthy foods are one of the reason for a weak immune system. So try toContinue reading “Enjoy this squash loaf bread with your favorite drink”

Carrot and squash muffins you’ll love to bake!

Muffins are easy to prepare and bake that’s why it’s already one of the ideal recipe to choose from when you are in a hurry to make something for snack or dessert. Specially if you have Kids who loved to eat snacks. You can add vegetables to their favorite snacks, We all know that KidsContinue reading “Carrot and squash muffins you’ll love to bake!”