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The power to kick out limiting beliefs

What is your superpower? Do you have one? You may ask, what are you talking about I’m a human! We often overlooked it but yes we all have powers within us. It may not be like the heroes or heroines that we watch on TV, but there are things that we are capable of, and that fill the power within […]

Why is it important to be selective with our words?

Words coming from our mouths can either inspire or make someone’s day dull or stressful! We want to bring a positive effect to someone’s life if possible that’s why we have to choose the right words at the right time. What does it mean? For example, if the situation or the environment is happy, you can crack some jokes or […]

Ways on how to maintain our energy levels

As humans, we need energy for our bodies to function well. For us to have energy, we need to eat and do activities that can help to energize our bodies. Below are some ways to stay energized: Eat your meal, the carbohydrates that we eat break down into simple sugars. It turns into blood sugar or glucose which is used […]

How to feel happier when you are sad?

Sadness is an emotional state wherein there is a feeling of unhappiness, less energy and downtime. It’s a normal human emotion that we feel whenever we are upset, we feel pain or disappointed about something. Sadness is an emotion that each of us will experience from time to time as a part of being alive. But the way we handle […]

Enjoy the little things while it lasts

Every so often, our temperament is so short that we often react immediately to situations and hard times that we experience from time to time. Because of this, we feel sad, pressured, worried, and rushing to get rid of the challenges that we are facing. But we forget that all of those have something to impart in our lives. Challenges […]

How to have a good partner in life?

Every woman or man wishes to have a good partner, better half, or spouse in life. Someone who will be there through ups and downs, and who can give the strength to cheer each other when things go wrong. But how to have a good partner? In a relationship, the golden rule applies as well. If you treat your significant […]