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Uplifting every woman is a mighty thing, here’s why!

Don’t whisper because you have a voice! There are times when women are stressing themselves because of their life’s challenges, personal goals, family relationships, or finding a balance in life. Some women find it beneficial to voice it out or ask for opinions. But some women keep it with them, they choose silence over talking it out, because they don’t […]

Important roles of women in the family, community, and society

Every year, we celebrate women’s month, and it is being celebrated every March. This is an important event for every woman like me because it raises or uplifts our worth in this world. This celebration highlights women’s achievements and contributions to the family, community, and society. It empowers women and recognizes them as essential contributors to the world that we […]

Self-care ideas that are helpful for women!

We can’t avoid being irritated or stressed sometimes due to countless things that need our attention each day. As a woman, we can’t avoid having mood swings, especially when there are bodily discomforts that we are experiencing. Having mood swings aren’t a joke, we also don’t like it as it affects our daily relationship with other people in the household. […]