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Topics to inspire and motivate

Topics to inspire and motivate

Part 2

Part 1

  1. The basic attitudes to live by daily
  2. A child’s view of life: A must view of life
  3. Uplifting every woman is a mighty thing, here’s why!
  4. What will you do if you run out of time?
  5. Important roles of women in the family, community, and society
  6. What does it mean by the quote “If you are trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be”?
  7. Why you should collect moments, not things?
  8. Enjoy the little things while it lasts
  9. The courage to change and to do better in time
  10. You are enough just as who you are!
  11. What does it mean when we say life begins after coffee?
  12. Give them their flowers while they are still alive!
  13. When to talk and when to keep silent?
  14. Why do some people that you know, sometimes will not support you?
  15. Tips to keep you connected with blogging!
  16. How to choose your topic in blogging?
  17. Is it worth doing? Sweet advice to fellow bloggers who are just starting out!
  18. The way we look into life really matters!
  19. Choose to view life positively!
  20. Do you consider yourself a good person?
  21. Just take it one day at a time
  22. Do you believe that you are a great creation?
  23. Are you living a purposeful life?
  24. Notes for every woman
  25. What are your summer notes to remember?
  26. The staple food and the skeletal force of agriculture
  27. What are you thankful for?
  28. Attract blessings by these friendly qoutes
  29. A wedding anniversary letter to hubby
  30. If you are tired, get some rest, life is like a long road

Nature inspired

  1. The meaning of detours in our lives
  2. A quick realization about life!
  3. What are the things that the pandemic taught us?
  4. Beautiful creations of nature
  5. Stop and be willing to appreciate the nature
  6. Nature’s deserving recognition
  7. Stories created with nature
  8. How to see the real beauty of life?
  9. Just live life, don’t live out of life
  10. Loving the power of nature
  11. A glimpse of nature inside the Mall
  12. Will you pick it up?
  13. How to carry your loads light enough to go through?
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