Cardava banana fritters with honey

This banana fritters were made by the combination of banana slices, all-purpose flour, condensed milk, evaporated milk, egg and added with honey to lessen the brown sugar needed. Food are very enjoyable to eat most specially if you are eating it with your love ones but always be reminded of the little note below regardingContinue reading “Cardava banana fritters with honey”

Are overripe bananas good for banana quickbread?

Some of us love to eat different banana quickbread recipes and some prefer the moist one, but how to make moist banana quickbread? Does the banana we use in the recipe really matters? I already made a lot of banana quickbread recipes depending on the texture I prefer. This chocolate banana quickbread is a carbohydrate-richContinue reading “Are overripe bananas good for banana quickbread?”

Honey-banana bread recipe

Are you one of those who loved to eat banana bread recipes? banana itself is a very good snack, there are a lot of health benefits you can get from eating this fruit alone, according to our health food source, bananas can assists healthy digestion and can ease constipation because of the soluble fibre pectinContinue reading “Honey-banana bread recipe”

Easy to make cheesy banana muffins and crunchy banana bread recipe

There are two recipes included here, you can do cheesy soft banana muffins or you can do a crunchy banana bread, and learn about the health benefits you can derive from bananas. According to our “Various health sources” they are as follows: Health benefits of bananas: A good source of potassium that can promote boneContinue reading “Easy to make cheesy banana muffins and crunchy banana bread recipe”