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  • How to boost your confidence as a mom?

    This post will help you gain confidence on how to manage the house, how to relate with family and other people, and how to face personal endeavors in life. Being a good mom is a choice that we have to choose each day. To be able to put our children’s happiness and well-being ahead of…

  • 10 effective ways to overcome a bad mood!

    A bad mood is an unpleasant feeling that we experience from time to time. This is due to numerous circumstances that are happening within ourselves and around us. We can’t avoid having a bad mood sometimes due to a lot of triggers around us! Our body hormones, our personality and that of others, how we…

  • The health benefits of volunteering

    Volunteering is an act of giving your time to help people, animals, environment, and serving the community without monetary gains. Volunteering needs our time and effort, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go somewhere or provide something special to do it. You can do this even if you’re just around the corner of your…

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