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  • How to feel happier when you are sad?

    Sadness is an emotional state wherein there is a feeling of unhappiness, less energy and downtime. It’s a normal human emotion that we actually feel when we are being upset, when we feel pain, or disappointed about something. Sadness is an emotion that each of us will experience from time to time as a part…

  • Self-care ideas that are helpful for women!

    We can’t avoid being irritated or stressed sometimes due to countless things that needs our attention each day. As a woman, we can’t avoid having mood swings, specially when there are bodily discomforts that we are experiencing. Having mood swings aren’t a joke, we also don’t like it as it affects our daily relationship with…

  • Enjoy the little things while it lasts

    Every so often, our temperament is so short that we often react immediately to situations and hard times that we experienced from time to time. Because of this, we feel sad, pressured, worried and rushing to get rid of the challenges that we are facing. But we forget that all of those have something to…

  • Importance of doing what we love and its contribution to our well-being

    Time flies so fast, and as we grow older, we will come to realize the importance of doing the things that makes us happy. And now is the perfect time to do whatever it is. Activities that we love like reading, writing, researching, singing, listening to music, dancing, biking, hiking, traveling, cooking, baking, gardening, arts…

  • Home remedies for sore throat

    A sore throat is a painful, itchy, and irritated throat. This could produce an uneasy feeling because it brings difficulty in swallowing our food and drinking our fluids. This could also make us uncomfortable at night as it ruins a good night of sleep. But don’t worry, as you can do remedies to ease and…

  • How to care for a sick child while at home?

    There are times wherein our children gets sick because of numerous contributing factors that are present around, and as they say, it’s a part of growing up. But to think that we can do something to help our children during this time is so much important. One common sickness that our children are getting through…

  • How to have a good partner in life?

    Every woman or man wishes to have a good partner, better half or spouse in life. Someone who will be there through ups and downs, and who can give the strength to cheer each other when things go wrong. But how to have a good partner? In a relationship, the golden rule applies as well….

  • Important self-advices to ponder this year

    The following are some of the things that we should reflect on, to lighten how we deal with our daily lives. It’s ok not to win in every argument. Crying with somebody is more healing than crying alone in the corner. Don’t compare your life with other people, they have their struggles too. It’s never…

This corner contains all the posts that are related to health and wellness. I hope that these posts could bring some learnings to you in many ways. As a health professional, it is an honor for me to write and compile these thoughts that, I believed, could be helpful. ⬇️

This corner is all about homemade recipes. It has two pages which separates recipes for snacks and main/side dishes. Recipes here are easy to prepare and follow. So, please don’t hesitate to browse it whenever you need to prepare something for yourself or for your family. As a food lover, it’s very fulfilling for me to share what I prepared for my family and would be so fulfilling if you prepare it as well for your family! ⬇️

This corner also has two pages, it’s a compilation of posts regarding family. Parenting tips for parents out there and thoughts that are helpful in maintaining good relationship with your loved ones. As a mother and a wife, I’m happy to share ways that could help you in this area of your life. I hope that you can find these posts helpful. ⬇️

Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

There are countless battles that each one of us needs to survive daily. Let us not be the one whom others need to battle with. Let us help, inspire and motivate one another. I believed that we all have a purpose why we are here on Earth, and one of my purpose is to share these thoughts with you! ⬇️

This corner is a compilation of some ways that you can uplift, develop and renew yourself so that you can be able to fulfill the areas of your life that needs improvement. ⬇️

This corner is a compilation of posts that teaches you ways to find some extra money that could help with your financial income, or with the household expenses. ⬇️

Traveling is very helpful in our health, and it improves our personality. We got to see different places, meet new people and enjoy the nature’s beauty. Personally, I love traveling, and I really enjoy going to places, specially those that I can see bits of nature. This compilation shares some of my experiences, thoughts, and learnings about places and nature. ⬇️

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How to feel happier when you are sad?

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How to have a good partner in life?

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Important self-advices to ponder this year

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Enjoy the little things while it lasts

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Priceless happiness we can get from nature

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About the main author of this website:
About the main author of this website:

She is a registered nurse by profession, a content writer, a blogger, a wife, and a mother. She loves to share her ideas and thoughts that are related to her educational background, experiences, and learnings about life. Furthermore, she loves baking and cooking for her family, and exploring places which captivates her imagination and fulfills her goal of sharing motivational and inspirational contents that could be helpful for every reader.

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