Will you pick it up?

A beautiful flower.

It’s a beautiful day when I saw this flower lying beneath the green grass while going to the nearby food store. It looks fresh and seems like the flower just fallen from its tree. A flower is a wonderful piece of nature, it’s a simple sign of love, purity, and beauty. I love seeing flower/flowers as they remind me of the importance of women in the society.

A flower can be compared to a woman, as she has a unique beauty, she is selfless and sweet. She is willing to sacrifice anything for the people close to her heart. Please fill her with the love that she deserve, don’t take her for granted. She doesn’t need numerous material things, what she need is your time and effort. It’s not a big deal for you to say something that will give her the assurance she needed, but for her, it means a lot. She loves to hear the words of love and appreciation coming from your mouth. She loves to feel that you really care and that you love her faithfully. Her beauty will fade, but her pure intentions of loving you won’t change, as long as the amount of love and attention you give occupies all the spaces in her heart.

Help her to bloom beautifully, and she will. A woman who is living in a happy and well nourished relationship is a woman who laughs and smiles beyond compare. She is always eager to talk and tell stories with you because she is comfortable, she is clingy because she felt so much spark at your side. Never take her for granted, love your woman! Love her imperfections as she loved yours. She may be moody sometimes and will experience feeling down, but always be willing to “pick her up”!

“Take your journey with a graceful heart. Let your mind learn, let your heart love and let your spirit care”.

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  1. RosalynLynn says:

    Beautifully said!!!!!❤️

    1. momsjourney says:

      Thank you so much💞🌹

  2. shotsforjoy says:

    Sabi ng po ng nanay ko,huwag mo pitasin kung di mo naman kaya buhayin 🥰

    1. momsjourney says:

      Yes, tama💞

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